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BgF Summer School - Workshops in Project Management (9-11 October 2023)

16th Oct 2023

by Biolaweb

BgF Summer School - Workshops in Project Management (9-11 October 2023)

 The second week of BIOLAWEB BgF Summer School has started with a session dedicated to improving project management skills. Three workshops (seminars), each lasting one day, were organized in this session, from 9th to 11th October 2023. The “Project Management” workshop was organized on the first day. The welcome and opening speech was given by Dr Predrag Banković, assistant director for international cooperation of UB-ICTM, and Dr Miloš Ćirić, coordinator of the BIOLAWEB project. Further, we had the pleasure of hearing four great lectures given by Dragana Zlatović, BIOLAWEB WP5 leader, Dr Vladan Ćosović, Head of ICPO (the International Cooperation and Project Office of UB-ICTM), Katarina Milanović, Finance project administrator of UB-ICTM, and Tatjana Božić, Coordinator for International Projects of UB Faculty of Chemistry. 

During the second workshop “Examples of good practice” participants had the pleasure of listening to four great talks as examples of successful stories, given by Dr Miloš Ćirić, the coordinator of the BIOLAWEB project (UB-ICTM), Dr Marija Lješević, PhytoPFAS project manager and WP2 leader (UB-ICTM), Dr Milena Čavić, Coordinator of the STEPUPIORS project, The Institute for Oncology and Radiology of Serbia (IORS), and, MSc Gordana Vlahović,  Head of International Relations Office and Horizon Europe NCP for ERC & Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions, University of Novi Sad Faculty of Sciences (UNSPMF). Finally, a Panel discussion, with the participation of all lecturers and participants was held, boosted with the participation of Dr Dana Vasiljević, deputy director for technological development at UB-ICTM. Our dear guests showed mutual affection and shared enthusiasm which was transferred to the audience who actively and vividly participated in the discussion. 

Finally, during the third workshop, one of the most interesting lectures was given by Dr Sanja Vraneš, an Expert of the European Commission and the World Bank - National Institutional consultant (NIC) within the SAIGE project. She spoke about “Project proposals from the evaluator's point of view and discussion”. Afterward, we had the pleasure of hearing more about “Examples of good practice” from BIOLAWEB partners: Hervé Dumont, Head of Partnership and Project Engineering Department (INRAE), and Dr Susanne Schneider, senior scientist (NIVA). The last part of the third seminar was dedicated to “Open science and discussion” and was led by Dr Matija Zlatar, Coordinator of the Transformation Team (UB-ICTM). 

BIOLAWEB and UB-ICTM’s ICPO teams were thrilled to host more than 40 participants and excellent lecturers in the different fields of project management and enjoy the energy of one more amazing session in Blue-Green Future Summer School. Being proud and grateful would best describe our mutual feelings.