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Fieldwork with stakeholders at Savsko Lake (21 May 2024)

24th May 2024

by Biolaweb

Fieldwork with stakeholders at Savsko Lake (21 May 2024)

 The BIOLAWEB team successfully organized a Fieldwork with stakeholders at Savsko Lake on May 21st with relevant stakeholders responsible for water bodies in Serbia and their monitoring. 

Dr Miloš Ćirić, Dr Aleksandra Marković, and Dr Danijela Vidaković demonstrated sampling of phytoplankton, macrophytes, and diatoms for metabarcoding and then the discussion continued about the significance of DNA metabarcoding in water biomonitoring with our guests. 


Many thanks to our colleagues for their support from the Serbian Environmental Protection Agency, City Institute for Public Health, Ministry of Environmental Protection, City Secretariat for Environmental Protection, Vojvodina Environmental Movement, Faculty of Agriculture, Novi Sad, Protected habitat "Veliko Blato", Adam Mickiewicz University (Poland). 


We hope that together, combining knowledge and efforts, can take a step forward in the application of new methods and improving biomonitoring in Serbia.