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Participation in Science picnic "Think Green" (17-18 May 2024)

22nd May 2024

by Biolaweb

Participation in Science picnic "Think Green" (17-18 May 2024)

 The BIOLAWEB team participated in the Science picnic "Think Green" held on May 17-18, 2024, at the Arboretum of Forestry Faculty, under the theme "The Wonderful World in a Drop of Water" Visitors to the Science picnic had the opportunity to learn about aquatic organisms such as macrophytes, phytoplankton, and diatoms, as well as basic chemical analyses and their importance in water biomonitoring. 

It was our pleasure to be part of this event and to share the secrets of the hidden world with curious young people and children! We hope we managed to highlight the importance of aquatic ecosystems and the organisms that live in them, as well as the significance of biomonitoring and water protection.